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Appropriate use of tools (including our Mini6 drone!) By Roland Mouron ( for a corporate image bank, "Bouygues Thai", to see on

Birdy Fly is at Satis 2014 on November 19&20, hosted by (Kareem La Vaulée and Philippe Brelot).
We present the chopper with new direct drive motors stabilized head, and Mini-6 drone (under 2 kilos, Super35 sensor) with new 3 axes head.

Our drone Mini6's stabilized head (NEX5 Super35 sensor) has now third axis. The result is outstanding in hard weather conditions. The total weight remains under 2kg (French class "D" for urban location). The batteries are authorized for commercials aerials transportation. We recently use it on TV movie Alex Hugo 2&3 beside the helicopter for impressive motorcycle chases up to 55mph in mountains roads ...

Shooting in 35mm with the chopper on Taken3 feature film by Olivier Megaton.
Several action scenes on a Spanish airport.
Appropriate use of our multirotor Mini6 on Pascal Obispo's music video "Un homme est passé".
We adapt stabilization technology "direct drive" (hard&soft self developped) on all stabilized heads, the result is outstanding!!

Vimeo links:
Fiction reel
Landscape reel
Teaser Far'n'high 2014 (skateboard competition) shooting with Mini6 drone

Recent filming with shopper on a tourism comercial in Guadeloupe for 2 weeks, Red Epic 5K with 20mm T2.1 Zeiss optics
Effective collaboration with BBC on the medieval site of Guédelon as well shots on corporate film for Champagne Veuve Cliquot.

After 6 months of testing and development, Birdy Fly offers its new flying platform "Mini6" with less than 2Kg ready to fly. Entering class "D" and adapted to scenario S3 from the French regulation DGAC, it gives access to shooting
inside the citys.
This multirotor is equipped with a Sony NEX5 camera type with a large sensor (APS-C), full HD 50i, 25P, 50P 16-50mm zoom with direct drive stabilized head. Less than 70cm wingspan, it can work in confined spaces, with windows passages... and this with a picture quality incommensurate with cams Gopro kind commonly used for this type of machine.
Logistics is much lighter, which facilitates transportation especially for shooting abroad.
Low operating cost allows us to reduce our prices over while offering our expertise to the most varied productions.

New show reel landscape on videos tab (30Mo)

A new showreel, on fiction works, can be loaded on the video tab (50Mo).

Birdy Fly is on the Satis 2013, thanks to the warm and friendly welcome Kareem La Vaullée and Philippe Brelot on the E8 stand Ciné

A rich shooting summer with vehicles chases and multirotor's very precises shots in the Ecrins National Park on the TV drama Pierre Isoard "Alex Hugo" (DOP Willy Stassen). Bike's follows in the Alps for the last film by André Téchiné (DP Julian Hirsh) and a tour of France with Jacques Malaterre on his upcoming documentary "Le plus beau pays du monde", Corsica, Cevennes, Pyrenees Orientales , Marais Poitevin, Alps ... The joint use helicopter and multirotor proves to be an excellent solution depending on the type of shot and weather encountered.
Adaptation of Sony F5-F55 cameras (Zeiss T2.1 lenses)on helicopter and multirotor.

Positive participation in the latest film by Xavier Beauvois "La rançon de la gloire" with a shot of swans on Lake Geneva and a subjective view by travelling car of a character, by night, in the heart of Vevey (Switzerland). With DOP Caroline Champetier, shot in 35mm, Zeiss lenses T2.1

Birdy Fly has recently received its MAP deposit certificate (DGAC approval).
The Birdy team was one week in Russian on the Nikita Mikhalkov's feature film "A Sunstroke", equipped with Red Epic + Zeiss T2.1
35mm shooting at Chaumont sur Loire Castle for an Italian movie, "Il Principe Abusivo" Alessandro Siani.

Impossible not to mention the publication in the French Official Gazette in May of text elaborated by the DGAC on "unmanned aircraft". Birdy Fly is actively working on its MAP.
Among the recent shootings we've made, note the use of Zeiss T2.1 very successful on Sony FS100 on advertising in Morocco. Sequences at dusk and at night have demonstrated the qualities of this camera.
Active participation in the filming of the next fiction Josée Dayan (35mm on the chopper) and the feature film by Pascale Ferrand "Bird People".

BIRDY shoots in RED :-)
The first flights of the RED Scarlet camera on a Birdy chopper were succesful, PL mounted with a 11-16 Duclos zoom lens.
No doubt the Epic big sister and our Zeiss T 2.1 lenses will be relevant too.
After 6 months' tests, Bidy completes the development of our multirotor drone, equipped with the same stabilized head of our helicopters,
flying now with a Canon 7D or Sony FS100.
This machine is interesting for shootings such as, hovering, interiors, slow mouvements, undergrowths etc... and this with the same professionnalism.

Nice getaway in Warsaw for a shoot of Orange advertising, in 35mm, at night, at -10 ° c.
The arrival in the Birdy's cameras park for the Sony NEX-FS100, replacing the V1E HDV which becomes obsolette today.

Some Birdy shots on French TV "TF1 Reportages" from le Chateau de Guédelon, shooting this summer with Canon 7D and his attractive aliasing ;-).
More recently, a second cession of racehorses shots on the feature film Fabien Onteniente now titled "Les Turfistes" ever in 35mm... Same format used on the action scenes we shot in Istanbul, on the roofs of the big market for "Taken 2" directed by Olivier Megaton.

In September, dreaming shooting conditions on the next feature film by Claude Miller, new adaptation of "Therese Desqueyroux" (Audrey Tautou, Gilles Lelouche) with a tracking shot of a vintage car in the Landes forest.
Aerial shots of a city from Melun set for demolition on a feature film by Franck Gastambide "The Kaira".
Finally this news, the unexpected meeting with Emir Kusturika during the filming of a clip in "his" village Küstendorf in Serbia, a demo of the helicopter was apparently a good time for him :-) ...

An August full of shooting with, among others, an action shot from race horses in jumping on the next feature "Turf" by Fabien Onteniente, and following a series of documentaries on the most beautiful villages in France for Arte TV program.
Funy anecdote, the retake of a full day failed by a company called specialist shooting by drones, for a documentary about Champagne, with some forty shots on ten sets ... hot day :-)

New website, new status for Birdy Fly.
The necessary changes given the evolution of the business of close range aerial filming.
Praise the originality of the concept after 20 years of experience and more than 10 years of regular activity now seems a little "offbeat".
The system is maturing, driven by the arrival of new players in the market, itself evolving. Our knowledge is as much on feature film, as fiction, advertising, corporate or documentary.

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